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What To Serve At Italian Christmas

//What To Serve At Italian Christmas

What To Serve At Italian Christmas

Christmas and the holidays are a time to celebrate with your loved ones while enjoying delicious food together. Of course, every culture celebrates Christmas differently with unique customs and special cuisines.

The same applies to Italian Christmas. After all, it happens to be their most celebrated holiday. It is a way for them to invite friends and family over to cook delicious, mouthwatering meals. For Italians, Christmas is synonymous with feasting.

Speaking of this, Italians have their own set of traditions when it comes to Christmas. It is that one particular holiday for which each family has its own distinct recipes. While the recipes might differ, the basic structure is the same. In this article, we are going to talk about what you must serve when it comes to an Italian Christmas.

So, are you ready? Let’s dive into the goodness!

Christmas Eve

When there is a religious holiday like Christmas around the corner, it is not permissible to consume meat in the evenings prior to it as per the Catholic tradition. Therefore, it is a fish galore on 24th December and a very busy day for the fishmongers.

Octopus, salmon, tuna, swordfish, and of course, pasta are some highlights. Lobster coupled with linguine or spaghetti combined with clams is some hit combos of the season. Then, there is also an option of enjoying roasted potato with fish.

Christmas Day

Also known as Natale, this lunch can stretch up to for hours. Christmas day lunch is all about meat in comparison to Christmas Eve’s day. They start the day with antipasto spread. Fine pieces of Italian cheese, meat, olives, and artichokes accompany the antipasto spread. The first course is always pasta. However, the type varies from region to region. Central Italy is all about baked pasta, while Northern Italy prefers Lasagna Bolognese.

Next is the turn of meat! Baked or grilled chicken, beef, roasted lamb, and sausages are popular Natale choices.

Santo Stefano

While you must be thinking that Italians would eat lightly and get some rest after enjoying two days of full-fledged feasting, allow us to tell you this is not the case! Santo Stefano is yet another day when families gather for lunch. It might not be as big as Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, but families definitely take it seriously. It is pertinent to mention that they invite distant friends and family members. Everyone enjoys the leftover food from the previous day on 26th December.

If you are looking to get some assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We are looking forward to providing you with delicious restaurant Italian food.

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