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Why You Should Be Eating More Seafood

//Why You Should Be Eating More Seafood

Why You Should Be Eating More Seafood

Seafood has been popular for thousands of years and always will be. It’s tasty, easy to make for lunch or dinner, and very beneficial to your body as a whole. If you always knew that seafood was useful for you but couldn’t point out specifics, Aquapazza has you covered. As your favorite seafood restaurant in Boston, we have to educate you about our dishes to provide you with the most value as a loyal customer. 


Seafood is not only delicious, but your body will be thanking you for it! Seafood contains vitamin A which boosts your immune system and also your vision. So if your eyesight is starting to fade and glasses aren’t in the cards for you, consider ordering a few pieces of salmon. It contains loads of vitamin B, which helps keep you energized and boosts cell health. Seafood also contains proteins needed for you to stay healthy and omega 3s, which can help fight depression and anxiety, so if the winter blues have you down, don’t be afraid to order from Aquapazza!

Your Heart

 One of the well-known benefits of eating more seafood is a tremendous impact on lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure levels! Being on top of your body’s health will help you live a long and prosperous life, and implementing more seafood into your diet is a great way to change for the better. It’ll keep your heart pumping for years to come! 

Baby Development

 If a baby is on the way for you, it’s an excellent time to consider eating more seafood. Seafood helps promote healthy brain function among the fetus and the nerve and vision development of the baby. Healthy children are what everyone wants and what easier way than having delicious seafood meals. 

Staying Proactive

Seafood is great for you, especially seafood that comes from the east coast. It’s important to note to try to stay away from shark, swordfish and king mackerel that are found in Mexico. This seafood is known to have high levels of mercury which can put you at risk. There’s nothing to worry about with the seafood where we are located, if you are planning a trip to Mexico, just be proactive! 

Aquapazza is here to help you enhance your meals and your lifestyle. Seafood is an excellent way for you to benefit your body. If you aren’t a seafood lover, we have plenty of other options for you to enjoy, including; pasta, burgers, steaks, and more. Not everyone loves fish. We understand that and want to welcome others into our restaurant. If you are looking for some of the best seafood in the North End.

Contact us to set up a reservation, and we look forward to seeing you in 2021.

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