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The Best Ways To Prepare Oysters

//The Best Ways To Prepare Oysters

The Best Ways To Prepare Oysters

Oysters are one of the most flexible foods in the world of seafood. It’s hard to find dishes that oysters won’t pair well with! This flexibility has led to a ton of different recipes with different ways of preparing the oysters. Like all recipes, there are some that are far better than others! Enjoying oysters all comes down to how you like them prepared, but there are definitely some ways that stand out from the others. Read on to discover the best ways of preparing oysters!

Fried Oysters

Honestly, what foods don’t taste good fried? Having your oysters fried is one of the most popular ways of eating them, and for good reason, too! Fried oysters taste great. They can work well as an appetizer or a whole meal depending on what you’re in the mood for. Fried oysters are also great because you won’t have to worry about making a mess eating them. They are by far the cleanest way to prepare oysters!

Broiled Oysters

There are some ways of preparing oysters that allow you to really experiment with different flavor combinations. If you’re looking to add some variety to your oysters, you can accomplish that by broiling them! When you broil oysters, you’ll be able to broil the other ingredients you wish to use along with them. Not sure what ingredients would pair well with broiled oysters? This recipe blends oysters with parmesan, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice and other ingredients for a satisfying taste.

Grilled Oysters

If you’re looking for more of an appetizer out of your oysters rather than a full blown meal, you should definitely try grilling them! This process requires a bit more effort than the others, but the end result will be well worth your trouble. Oysters like these pair well with snack foods like slices of bread, crackers, or saltines. 

Steamed Oysters

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy ways of preparing oysters is to steam them. You’ll often see a lot of restaurants do this. It’s an easy and quick way to prepare a lot of oysters at once! It’s a popular method because it’s easy to tell when the oysters are done cooking. Once their shells have opened, you’ll be ready to dine on this seafood delicacy!

Oysters At AquaPazza

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