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All About Kampachi Tartare

//All About Kampachi Tartare

All About Kampachi Tartare

There are a ton of foods on the AquaPazza menu that are unique. They have a rich history and health benefits that you may not have known about. When it comes to the Kampachi Tartare dish, these statements are no different! Kampachi tartare is a staple of Hawaiian food, made from a combination of different fish and ingredients that range in taste. Curious to know more about this dish? We’ve assembled some of the most interesting facts about Kampachi Tartare below!

The Reason for the Name

There’s a reason why Kampachi Tartare has the name that it has. Tartare is actually a word used to describe raw meat! So, by definition, Kampachi Tartare is made with raw fish. If you’ve heard of food prepared tartare before, it’s probably because you’ve seen it elsewhere! Meats like steak are sometimes served tartare. If you’re nervous about eating raw fish, don’t worry! Tartare is perfectly safe to eat. We wouldn’t have it on our menu otherwise!

Health Benefits

Kampachi tartare also carries hidden health benefits with it. The food contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. They play a lot bigger of a role in your body than you realize; they can be incredibly helpful for preventing conditions like heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. All of these can be detrimental to your health as you get older, so the more you can do to help your body, the better! It also contains a good amount of protein, which is helpful for repairing muscle tissue and muscle growth. 

Recipe and Prep Time

A good thing about Kampachi Tartare is there isn’t a whole lot of prep time that goes into making it. It’s a dish that you can whip up yourself in a pretty quick amount of time! Depending on what you want to add to the dish, you may need a few ingredients. This recipe uses apples, radishes and shallots in addition to the Kampachi, but you can add other things to mix up the final result. Depending on what you add, the flavor of the dish might change entirely!

Kampachi Tartare At AquaPazza

AquaPazza carries their own variant of Kampachi Tartare! Our dish includes avocados, caviar, cilantro and jalapeños for our flavor. We also carry a variety of seafood dishes that are sure to satisfy. They say that seafood tastes better the closer it is to the ocean, and our restaurant is located mere minutes from Boston Harbor! You won’t find better seafood than at AquaPazza. To taste the difference for yourself, make a reservation today.

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