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What Spices Should I Put On My Chicken?

//What Spices Should I Put On My Chicken?

What Spices Should I Put On My Chicken?

When it comes to recipes that you can make with chicken, the possibilities are endless! You can use chicken to make a variety of types of dishes; Mexican, Italian, Greek and Indian cuisines are some of the first to come to mind. However, just because you make a different recipe doesn’t mean that you prepare the chicken in quite the same way. You want the taste of your chicken to balance well with the other ingredients in your dish. The best way to do that is through the use of spices! But, what spices pair best with what dish? We break it down for you below!


If you’re making any Mexican dishes, such as tacos or burrito bowls, cilantro is a fantastic option! It adds a unique flavor to your chicken while keeping the balance with the other ingredients. It actually pairs well with ingredients like salsa and beans, so if you’re making any recipes with those you should consider cilantro as a spice.


Garlic should be considered the swiss army knife of spices to use with chicken. Why is that, you might ask? Because it goes well with just about any style of dish! It’s also unique in that it isn’t just a powder-based seasoning, so you can get more sustenance than you’d think out of it. While garlic typically works the best in Italian based dishes, it’s flexible enough to taste good with a majority of recipes.


If you’re looking for a seasoning that’s packed to the brim with spice, then ginger will be right up your alley! Because ginger is known for its spiciness, it typically works best with Asian and Indian dishes where spice is best utilized. Common recipes where this is used include tikka masala and stir fry.


Paprika is a classic staple of Hungarian and Spanish cooking. By itself, chicken and paprika is one of the easiest Hungarian dishes to make. If you want to think more outside of the box with meals like burrito bowls and chicken with Spanish rice, paprika will enhance the flavors of your dish. These applications are where paprika shines the most, so don’t gloss over it!

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