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The Best Raw Seafoods

//The Best Raw Seafoods

The Best Raw Seafoods

At first glance when you read the title of this piece, you might think to yourself: “you can’t eat food raw!”. You would be right for the most part. Eating food raw in excess can be very bad for your body, but there are a few exceptions to the rule. One such exception to the rule is certain seafood. There are certain seafoods that are served raw as a delicacy. Crudo has become a popular word for foods prepared raw. If you’re curious about which seafood you can eat raw, we share some of the best ones below!


There’s a reason why most supermarkets in the United States sell canned tuna by the boatload. Tuna is one of the few seafoods that it’s okay to eat raw! It’s a firm, lean seafood that blends well with a variety of sauces and seasonings. The most common use of raw tuna in recipes is in many poke bowls, which are a type of Hawaiian salad that has raw tuna as the centerpiece. Tuna tartare is another popular iteration of raw tuna, which is yet another Hawaiian delicacy.


Would it be a list of the best raw seafoods if we didn’t mention salmon in some capacity? The main draw of raw salmon is the rich flavors and textures that the fish offers. If you’ve ever eaten raw sushi before, there’s a good chance that a part of it was made with salmon! Another popular dish made with raw salmon is one that’s a fan favorite on the AquaPazza menu: kampachi tartare! Raw salmon and raw tuna are interchangeable with this recipe, and the same can be said for poke bowls.

Sea Bass

In order to eat seafood raw and not experience issues, the quality of what you’re getting matters. When it comes to sea bass, this is especially important. If you can find quality raw sea bass, however, you’ll be greatly rewarded! Sea bass is considered one of the greats of the raw seafood world. It’s mild taste and flavor makes it useful in a variety of dishes, such as sea bass tartare and sea bass carpaccio. As long as you have good olive oil and seasonings, you’ll get a kick out of raw sea bass!

Seafood at AquaPazza

Like we’ve said a few times already, the quality of the seafood you get matters most. That’s why AquaPazza is fiercely committed to providing the highest quality and tastiest fish that the North End has to offer. If you’re a fan of seafood dishes and great cocktails, you won’t find a fresher selection. To experience the wonders of Boston seafood for yourself, click here to make a reservation!

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