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Comparing Our Seasonal Fish

//Comparing Our Seasonal Fish

Comparing Our Seasonal Fish

Have you ever noticed that certain foods taste better at a specific time of year than others? You’ll likely think of various fruits and vegetables being in-season when the time comes. However, did you know that there’s a similar pattern with some seafoods? If you’ve ever looked on our menu before, you’ll have noticed that there are several different kinds of seasonal fish that we have at our disposal. If you’re curious to try them out, we’ll explain them to you below!

Dover Sole

Dover sole is sometimes referred to as a meat rather than a fish, and much of the reason for that is because of the different texture compared with other fish. It has a mild yet sweet flavor, which makes it a popular choice among consumers. Dover sole is also an easy fish to filet, which makes it a useful seafood for a variety of different recipes!


Orata is the Italian name for a species of fish called the gilt-head bream. The fish is seen as a prized treat throughout much of the world, as its rich flavor is desired by seafood consumers alike. This richness makes orata a more versatile fish than others, as it’s used in everything from fish filets to the entire fish and everything in between. If you can get to us while this fish is in season, we highly recommend it!


Branzino might not be the most popular seafood option out there, but it’s sweetness and mild flavor is something to be desired. In fact, branzino is one of the healthiest fish that you can eat! It has a high vitamin A and D content, which are both vital for maintaining your body’s daily functions. Like the other types of seasonal fish we offer, branzino is easy to cook and versatile for many different recipes.


Snapper is a preferable option for both people obsessed with seafood cuisine and those that aren’t very fond of it. It has a mild yet nutty flavor with a firm texture. Most people who consume it will remark that it doesn’t taste much like fish, which is why it resonates with the latter of the two groups. There are also plenty of different types of snappers, which make them a delicacy across the world!

Seasonal Fish at AquaPazza

AquaPazza is home to some of the freshest seafood in the Boston area all year long. In addition to our seasonal fish, we have a wide variety of seafood dishes, Italian cuisines and our own oyster bar! For the best seafood that you can find in the Boston area, click here to make a reservation with us!

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