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Oysters vs. Clams

//Oysters vs. Clams

Oysters vs. Clams

The world of seafood is vast and is home to a wide variety of storied dishes. Sometimes, eating seafood is like an event; think about eating lobsters, for example! Another great example of this statement is two of the most popular seafood appetizers on the planet in oysters and clams. To the untrained eye, these two seafood delights will look identical to each other. However, this is far from the case! There are a few differences between the two foods that set them apart from each other. We break them down for you below!

The Texture

Let’s say you were to have a freshwater oyster and a freshwater clam lined up side by side. After biting into them both, you’ll notice that they have a very similar flavor. However, would you be able to tell the difference between them from just one bite? Actually, the answer to that question is yes; oysters are remarkably more tender than their counterparts! You should be able to slurp an oyster down pretty easily, but if you get a clam you’ll probably have to chew it a little first!


It’s true that both oysters and clams can be eaten raw. But, ask yourself this question: when was the last time you ate a clam raw? We’re willing to bet that you either haven’t or it’s been a long time! It’s much more popular to eat oysters raw than clams thanks to the few distinctions that the two mollusks have in their taste. Clams have a much more powerful flavor, while oysters have a much smoother and more buttery flavor. This makes oysters much easier to eat raw and clams easier to eat cooked.

Health Benefits

While it’s true that many types of seafood share the same health benefits – oysters and clams included – there are a few distinctions that set these mollusks apart. Oysters are rich in zinc and potassium, two vitamins that are notable for the way they help your body grow and develop. Clams are rich in vitamin C and selenium, a vital nutrient that many seafoods share. While you shouldn’t consume either of these in excess, they can be exceptionally beneficial if you moderate your portions!

Oysters and Clams at AquaPazza

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