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Liquor vs. Liqueur

//Liquor vs. Liqueur

Liquor vs. Liqueur

The world of alcohol is far more in depth than you might believe. Consider all of the mixed drinks and cocktails in the world – when you’ve done so, you’ve barely scratched the surface of all it has to offer! If you’ve seen the word “liqueur” floating around before, you’d probably think that it was a misspelling of the word liquor. However, not only is this word real, but there are legitimate distinctions between the two! We go over how you can tell your liquors from your liqueurs below!

A Confusing Rule

The line between a liquor and a liqueur can sometimes get blurred, but they shouldn’t be confused for the same thing – at least at first! A liquor is defined as a distilled alcoholic beverage, which should be pretty easy to identify by itself. Liqueurs also fall into this category, but here’s where it gets puzzling: not all liquors are liqueurs, but all liqueurs are liquors. Liqueurs are also distilled alcoholic beverages, but what sets them apart is the fact that liqueurs are sweetened beverages!

How Liqueurs Are Made

The fact that they’re sweet isn’t the only thing that separates liquors from liqueurs. Liqueurs also have a lower alcohol content (usually) than their bitter counterparts, which means that they’re generally used as a flavor enhancer rather than just the base of the drink. Liqueurs have a fruitier base because they generally get made with fruit-based extracts that help bring out these flavors. Liqueurs are basically sweetened versions of the alcoholic spirits you see on bar shelves.

How Are Liquors and Liqueurs Used?

Liquors and liqueurs vary slightly in how they are used. Both of these can be used as ingredients for a mixed drink, but both play different roles in the recipe. Liquors can be used as the base for a mixed drink because they have a higher alcohol content and stronger flavor. Liqueurs, on the other hand, are mostly used as an add-on rather than a base. They help to enhance the flavor profile of the mixed drink without interfering heavily with the alcohol content. So, it’s possible to have both a liquor and a liqueur in your mixed drink!

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