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Is Raw Seafood Safe To Eat?

//Is Raw Seafood Safe To Eat?

Is Raw Seafood Safe To Eat?

The world of cuisines poses a lot of questions that aren’t easily answered. Why are certain dishes prepared the way they are? What makes some cuisines more highly valued than others? What is the reason for all of the different cooking styles? That last question holds a special weight to it, especially when it comes to the topic of seafood. Raw seafood is a common staple of seafood cuisine, but it may cause people to turn some heads at first. If you’ve ever questioned the safety of raw seafood, we’ll give you more insight into it below!

The Safeguards Used

There are dangers associated with eating raw seafood, which means that in order to circumvent these risks, a few safeguards must be put in place. Most raw seafood is frozen at very low temperatures before it’s served. One of the big risks with raw seafood is the potential for the spread of food-born illnesses, and freezing this seafood beforehand helps to limit those risks. Also, the fish you choose should be sustainably sourced and caught in the wild. Otherwise, the risk of these illnesses grows stronger.

What You Can Eat Raw

One of the other big safeguards that consumers of raw seafood set for themselves is the types of seafood that you can and can’t eat raw. There is a pretty substantial difference between each that we’ll get into a little later on! However, there are plenty of seafoods that are considered safe to eat raw, and these include:


  • Sea bass
  • Tuna
  • Shrimp
  • Oysters
  • Salmon
  • Squid


These fish are likely the safest fish to eat raw because they lack a certain component that more dangerous seafoods have!

What You Can’t Eat Raw

The main difference between fish you can eat raw and fish you can’t eat raw has to do with the amount of mercury content and potential for parasitic infections within each one. If either of these levels is too high, it’s a good sign that the fish isn’t safe to consume raw! Here are some examples of fish that you should shy away from eating raw:


  • Haddock
  • Swordfish
  • Mackerel
  • Pollock


When you look for raw seafood, pay special attention to those that have received a “sushi-grade”. This means that the seafood is safe to eat raw!

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