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What Makes Positano Style Food Different?

//What Makes Positano Style Food Different?

What Makes Positano Style Food Different?

If there’s one thing that Italian cuisine excels at, it’s taking existing dishes and adding a unique and tasty spin on them! These kinds of dishes exist all across the regions of Italy, but there may be one that jumps out at you after taking a look at our menu: Positano! It’s a region along the Amalfi coast of Italy that is famous for its fantastic seafood dishes. You’ve likely heard a lot about Positano-style cooking yielding fantastic results, but why is it like this? We explain what makes Positano style food unique below!

Italian-Structured Meals

One of the biggest differences between Positano style cooking and other methods has to do with the way Italy structures its courses. In a given meal, there are two factors that serve as the entree: primi and secondi. These essentially act as two parts of a main course, and each contains different foods. The primi portion of the meal consists of pasta and pasta based dishes, while the secondi portion is reserved for meats – including seafood! Positano style cooking blends these two courses together to make some incredible results.

The Ingredients

Depending on how much you’ve read about the other regions of Italy, you might know that a lot of Italian based recipes tend to use homegrown ingredients. For example, artisanal pasta is made using homegrown wheat in the Abruzzo region. Positano style food operates on a similar ruleset, choosing to use the freshest ingredients from the positano region for their delicacies. The Amalfi coastline is home to a variety of good ingredients to use in dishes like these.

The Seafood’s Freshness

There’s a reason why we’ve continually brought up that Positano is located along the Amalfi coast of Italy! Its close proximity to the coast yields it with a variety of delicious and fresh seafood options to use for meals. Seafood like octopus, shrimp, bluefish, and even sea urchins are abundant and close to the coastline, which make them easy to acquire and even easier to make fresh recipes with. These ingredients and more have helped Positano style cuisines surge in popularity over the years.

Positano Style Food at AquaPazza

AquaPazza brings you the best of what the two Italian entree sections have to offer! We specialize in a variety of Italian cuisines and seafood delights that will help elicit the feeling of being in Italy without the pricey plane ticket. For a beautiful union of Italian cuisines and seafood that will keep you coming back for more, make a reservation with us today!

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