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How To Tell If Your Fish Isn’t Fresh

//How To Tell If Your Fish Isn’t Fresh

How To Tell If Your Fish Isn’t Fresh

Is there a cuisine out there that sports more delicious recipes than seafood cuisine? We’re willing to bet that there isn’t! However, there are a few obstacles that could prevent your seafood cuisine from tasting the best it can be. The quality of your fish can make or break your seafood dish. Specifically, if it isn’t fresh, it won’t taste nearly as good as it could! But, how can you tell for certain if your fish isn’t fresh? There are a few telling signs that we’ll go over in detail below!

The Fish’s Shine Has Diminished

One of the great things about spotting fresh fish is that some of the signs are noticeable from the moment you look at it in the grocery store! In this case, you should look for those fish that have a metallic shine to them. If you see fish that look like this, it’s a good sign that they are fresh! Fresh fish have more vibrant colors that are robust, and this vibrancy diminishes as the fish ages. This vibrancy is replaced with dull and dreary looking colors, which are both qualities of fish that you want to avoid. The more bright and vibrant your fish is, the better it will taste!

The Eyes Aren’t Bulging

This telling sign of fish might be a little puzzling at first. You would expect it to be the other way around, with bulging eyes being a telling sign that your fish isn’t fresh. Bulging eyes are actually a great sign, because this means that the fish has been put out recently! As fish begins to diminish at a grocery store, the eyes become duller and start to sink into the meat. While dull eyes don’t necessarily mean that a fish has spoiled, they aren’t a great sign in terms of taste, either. A fish’s eyes should be one of the first things you look at.

Examine The Gills Closely

Perhaps the most telling signs that your fish isn’t fresh come directly from its gills. In terms of what you should be looking for, you should be looking for gills that look bright red. These gills are lively and speak volumes about the quality of your fish. The fish is bad if they look brown instead. Regardless of their color, you should avoid the fish altogether if you notice any slime coming from the gills. This is a pretty heavy indicator that the fish is bad and you shouldn’t consume fish like this.

Fresh Fish At AquaPazza

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