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What Is Chicken Lobster?

//What Is Chicken Lobster?

What Is Chicken Lobster?

The world of seafood cuisine is just as vast as the sea life itself! It seems that no matter where you look within the group, there’s always something new to discover. There are plenty of different types of seafood that range beyond just the species itself; things like primary location, time of year served, and even the way that it’s cooked can dramatically change a seafood dish. If you’ve looked at our menu before, you’ll likely have noticed chicken lobster as a part of our seafood tower meal. What exactly is it? We break it down for you below!


Defining Chicken Lobster

What is chicken lobster? It’s not some strange hybrid animal that creates a surf and turf dinner. A chicken lobster is a lobster, not a chicken. It’s a lobster that weighs 1-2 pounds, although the exact weight can vary. Chicken lobsters also are supposed to be very tender, like chicken. It can take lobsters up to seven years to get to the 1-2 pound mark. But lobsters can live up to 100 years, so seven years is just a short time for a lobster to grow. Chicken lobsters are very popular in New England. 

What Makes It Different? 

Chicken Lobsters are different from other types of lobsters because of the tenderness of the meat and because of their size. Chicken lobsters are considered to be large lobsters because they weigh up to two pounds. If you want a lobster that has a lot of very tender meat, then you should try a chicken lobster. If you have never had a chicken lobster before, you’ll be amazed at the tenderness of these lobsters. 

When lobsters are cooked they get a lot of their flavor from their liver, called the tomalley. In chicken lobsters, the tenderness of the meat combined with the intense flavor makes the chicken lobster a succulent treat for anyone that loves fresh seafood. 

How Common Is It?

Chicken lobster is something of a delicacy because of the effort involved in getting lobsters to the weight that they need to be in order to be considered chicken lobsters. How familiar these lobsters are really depends on the season’s lobster harvest and how many of the lobsters caught were around seven years old and weighed 1-2 pounds. The tenderness of the meat makes these lobsters worth waiting for! 

Try Chicken Lobster Today

If you want to try chicken lobster and see for yourself how tender these New England lobsters are – or if you want to try some of the delicious other seafood cuisines that Boston is famous for – call today to make a reservation at AquaPazza to experience the best chicken lobster in the region.

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