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Tasty Side Dishes for Seafood

//Tasty Side Dishes for Seafood

Tasty Side Dishes for Seafood

When you dine out it’s always important to figure out your main course but how about your side dish? Having a side dish that complements your main course can give you a better overall experience whenever you dine out. Especially if you’re planning on ordering seafood as your main dish. Seafood is delicious but pairing it with the correct side dish can be tricky at times. If you want to ensure you’re full and satisfied after your tasty meal, look at our top side dish recommendations.

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Asparagus

Towards the top of our list of side dishes are Garlic Parmesan Roasted Asparagus. These vegetables can be made to taste extremely delicious. If you add garlic, pepper, parmesan cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil, you are on your way to something magical. Simply, bake all the ingredients together in the even and you’ll have a delicious smelling and tasting side dish packed with flavor. This dish will be cheesy and crispy to the point that you may forget you were eating asparagus to begin with. It’s a perfect light side dish for those planning on ordering a larger main course and we couldn’t recommend it enough.

Lemon-Herbed Rice

One of the best-known sides that you can never go wrong with is rice. However lemon-herbed rice specifically is a much better option when looking to eat seafood. It’s not only a healthy option that fills you up but it pairs perfectly with seafood. The zestiness and citrus from the lemon-herbed rice can help eliminate that fishiness you may taste. Allowing you to enjoy the seafood even more! Whether you plan on getting a fish like salmon or cod, it’ll taste amazing with this rice combination. Next time you dine out or decide to make a dish at home, remember to pair it with lemon-herbed rice for the best results!


Potatoes can add a heartiness to any meal like no other. They help you feel full as if you just indulged in a massive meal. The great part about potatoes is the way you can prepare and season them. If you want more flavor you can add all kinds of seasonings and vegetables to mix in a variety of flavor profiles. We especially like our potatoes either roasted or mashed when deciding to eat seafood. Roasted potatoes are jam-packed with flavor and delicious aromas. Whilst mashed potatoes are amazingly creamy and give a delicious taste within every bite. All in all, potatoes are delicious and versatile which allows you to have a meal specifically designed for yourself.

Try Our Seafood Side Dishes

If you’re looking to eat seafood with some amazing side dishes then reserve a table at AquaPazza today! We have a large array of seafood options and side dishes available for you to consume. No matter your preferences our amazing chefs will always leave you feeling satisfied.

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