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What is Gnocchi?

//What is Gnocchi?

What is Gnocchi?

There are many delicious Italian cuisines however, Gnocchi stands out proudly amongst the rest. This delicate and fluffy meal can truly take you by surprise. It may be small but it absolutely packs amazing flavor that is hard to come by. Gnocchi is a staple of Italian restaurants and is also a great choice to make at home.

The Origin of Gnocchi

Gnocchi was first created back in the 16th century in Northern Itlay. Its recipe was much more simple and used very common ingredients at the time. However, after the introduction of the potato, Gnocchi became a more sought-after dish. Once potatoes were fully incorporated in Europe, most Gnocchi recipes preferred the new ingredient. By implementing potatoes into the recipe Gnocchi began to have a much more airy and fluffy texture. This dumpling variation dish is now complemented by a delicious potato flavor and texture. 

How To Make Gnocchi

Making Gnocchi is known to be a more difficult task for most chefs or Italian cuisine enthusiasts. To make the best Gnocchi you must be willing to make mistakes and become more patient as time goes on. Most recipes start by using mashed potatoes while adding in flour and eggs to create a type of dough. However, during the kneading process be sure not to overwork your dough because your Gnocchi will come out more tough. You then want to roll the dough into ropes and cut them up into smaller pieces. Once done you want to use a fork to create ridges in your Gnocchi that will give your sauces an area to pool into. Always keep in mind that Gnocchi is very delicate and be sure not to use too much force when creating your dumplings.

How to Serve Gnocchi

To fully cook your newly made Gnocchi you want to add them into a pot of salted water until the Gnocchi rises to the surface. You can also cook your Gnocchi in a pan if you’re looking for a more crispier texture. Once your Gnocchi is fully cooked to your preference you can then serve your dumplings with a variety of sauces. Whether it be marinara, alfredo, or sage and butter your Gnocchi creation can be specifically tailored to your palette. 

Try Gnocchi in Boston, MA

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